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Process Claims Efficiently with BIZBOX.

What is eClaims?

        eClaims is a system where healthcare providers can submit claims online on behalf of their patients. The portal is accessible via the internet and offers eligible extended healthcare providers the convenience of capturing and submitting electronic claims to their patient’s insurance company at their point-of-sale.


Bizbox offers three main options of eClaims submission system

HS8 PhilHealth Module

A complete Healthcare Solution that manages daily operations through its four major modules: HIS, PhilHealth, Inventory, and Accounting system. PhilHealth module has its built-in eClaims submission system that integrates fully with our Hospital Information System 8

eClaims PORTAL 

A web-based application that acts as a transport service to process PhilHealth eClaims submissions. If you have no Hospital Information System 8, our eClaims portal will do the PhilHealth eClaims processing.

Web-based application

Serves as a middle ground between your system and PhilHealth. If your existing system doesn’t have the capability to process PhilHealth eClaims, Bizbox will process them for you through our API.  


The BIZBOX e-Claims Portal requires the facility to have the following:

Any working Pc or Laptop

​Stable Internet Connection - An Internet speed of at least 2mbps can load the Bizbox e-Claims portal application.​​

Scanner: This is necessary to scan and upload the patient's PhilHealth forms to the portal. (Bizbox recommends the Fujitsu SP Series scanner)


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Key Features

Key Features Included

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