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Digitize patient information and medical files
with Electronic Health Records. The EHR reduces errors, ensures data privacy, and enhances the facility's service delivery.
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Patient History
Vital Sign
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A detailed and more organized patient charting designed to provide a more reliable patient history data.

Patient Medical Info

The Electronic Patient Chart is designed to give doctors and other medical staff more reliable data regarding the patient’s history.

For a more detailed and organized content, we’ve added information such as allergies, past conditions/diagnosis, drug history, and others in a collapsible panel. It will be more convenient for the user to hide and show details. Moreover, we added counter badges that indicates how much information each panel have.

Vital Sign Graph

Our software provides a simpler way of storing and monitoring the most basic patient information that medical practitioners monitor: the vital signs. Each encoded vital sign has a corresponding color that signifies whether the result is normal or abnormal. The software also has a built-in measurement converter with a metric or standard measurement option.

In addition, users can easily show and compare results of all taken vitals through a graph. These graphs provide a summary of all the stored and newly recorded data. The graph data features blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and many more.

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The e-Prescription feature allows the users to provide prescription with simple steps to follow. First, input the medicine prescription. Then, generate, print, and hand it out to patients with reduced errors. This feature means less work. It is also an easier way to understand prescription.

Receive & Share Health Information

Securely enables seamless information exchange across medical community. Electronically receive and interchange notes, documents, referrals, and more.

Pediatric Note 'Growth Chart'

A pediatric note includes a "growth chart" that tracks the developmental growth of children ages one to five years old. It displays the data point on any of the included World Health Organization (WHO) growth charts.
The user must input the child's age, gender, height and weight values, which will automatically be plotted and computed. Users can then view the recorded information on a graphical chart.

OB Follow-Up Record

To help the Obstetrician (OB) on determining the ‘estimated date of confinement’ (EDC) of a pregnant patient, the system will give an accurate date by using her last menstrual period (LMP). We automate the process by simply encoding her LMP in the system.

In addition, to simplify the process of getting the accurate age of gestation (AOG), we also automate it with the same process of getting the LMP and the date of consultation.

Hashtags are incredibly useful on EHR. Links with the ‘#’ symbol before the word helps the users to quickly determine the top trending medical cases and get detailed analytics, which provide additional information.

Some of our clients

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Efficiency and convenience in one system

Paperless patient charting allowing for faster access to clinical records


Reduce errors by keeping track of patient charts and records online.


EHR can be accessed on any smart device whenever you want.

Patient Privacy

Ensure patient data security with the Electronic Health Records.
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Best of care,

Accessible everywhere.

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