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A complete and easy-to-use browser-based
solution for your daily PhilHealth eClaims
Transferred Claims
Offline Processing
Standard Forms
Connectivity Monitoring
PIN Inquiry
PIN Inquiry.png
Membership, Employer, and Doctor Inquiry

The system has the capability to capture the patient's PhilHealth Member PIN, their company's PhilHealth Employer Number, and their doctor's Accreditation Number.

Beacon Offline Feature

For facilities who are in a remote area and has unstable internet connections, our eClaims Beacon provides a separate exe to encode their claims in Offline mode. Once the facility is connected to the internet, the facility can submit their encoded claims through the Beacon Portal.

Standard Claim Forms.png
Standard Claim Forms Availability

Generate and print PhilHealth Claims Forms directly from the Beacon. Data needed for Claim Form 1 (CF1) and Claim Form 2 (CF2) are automatically encoded. The system is also compliant to PhilHealth's online submission of the Claim Form 4 (CF4).

Eclaims Dashboards

The Beacon provides dashboards for all submitted claims. These include graphical presentation of claim status, return deficiencies, reasons for denied claims, most commonly used discharged diagnosis, and other vital information to the management's decision making. The system also allows the users to change the displayed chart type.

Transferred Claims from other HITP

The eClaims Beacon Portal promotes ease and convenience in processing our clients' transferred claims by other HITPs while, at the same time, processing their new claims with Bizbox.

Beaon Transferred
beacon (11).png

This feature allows the user to process their claims transferred by other HITPs while processing their new claims with Bizbox.

Web-service Connectivity Lifeline

A real-time monitoring of the PhilHealth eClaims connectivity status.

Trusted by almost 3,000 clients

Comprehensive solution for your  medical operations

A superior solution for your hospital operations.

Web-based Application

The Beacon can be accessed anytime and anywhere on any device using a web browser.

Cloud Storage Validated

Bizbox passed the testing and validation for the eClaims Cloud Storage and is ready for implementation.

Data Privacy Compliant

Ensure your data's security given that Bizbox's Beacon Portal is compliant to the Data Privacy Law.

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