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 1. What is the Bizbox Portal?

   The BIZBOX eClaims Portal is a web-based application developed by Bizbox that acts as a transport service to process PhilHealth eClaims submissions. Bizbox Portal checks member’s eligibility, submits eClaims requirements, and verify claims status from the facility to PhilHealth.

   2. Is Bizbox a PhilHealth accredited Health Information Technology Provider?


   Bizbox is a proud accredited Health Information Technology Provider by PhilHealth since October 14, 2016. Link certificate

   3. Can we avail a system with an eClaims processing feature?


   Yes. Bizbox offers the Hospital Information System. PhilHealth module has its built-in eClaims submission system that integrates fully with our Hospital Information System 8.


Please see the contact number below for more information.

   4. What if we already have a system?


   If your system is Bizbox HIS, there’s no need to use the Portal. We will only update the exe version.     This update is free of charge.

   5. What if our system is not a Bizbox system?


   If you want Bizbox to process eClaims for your facilities, we can connect using Bizbox API. You can       contact our account managers for more information.


   6. We have an existing PhilHealth portal. What will happen to it?


   The PhilHealth Portal will be disregarded. That will no longer be useful. PhilHealth will eventually remove it from your facility.

   7. Will there be an installation or set-up fee for the Bizbox Portal?


   Installation fee is waived. All you have to pay for is the fee for every successful claim.

   8. How much will it cost per good claim?

   Bizbox has been known to offer cost-effective and affordable solutions that has been guaranteed for over 25 years of service in the healthcare IT industry. We offer the lowest price in the market. We will be happy to discuss the details with you. Talk to our team for more information

   Bizbox Inc. hotlines


   Globe:      0917-891-8884

   Smart:      0908-812-2688

   Sun:         0922-809-5901

   Landline: (02) 750-3967 to 69 local 102

   9. What about the unprocessed claims? Are there any additional fees?

   Only good claims will be charged. Unprocessed claims are free of charge.

   10. Will there be subscription fees or any hidden charges?


   There are absolutely no hidden charges.

   11. Will someone from Bizbox come to our facility and train our users?

   The Bizbox Portal was built with a user-friendly interface. Anyone can easily navigate through the application without undergoing any training. However, if the users have any clarifications on how to use the portal, we have provided Knowledge Based Articles for a step-by-step guide. These are readily available on:

   12. We are a group of facilities. Can we schedule a demo of Bizbox Portal with your team?


   Of course.

   13. Do we need to scan any documents?

   Yes. The following are some of the documents that can be scanned and uploaded: PhilHealth registration form, CF1, CF2, claim signature form PhilHealth official receipts, valid PhilHealth Indigent ID, patient’s birth certificate, pre-authorization certificate, NTP registry card, certificate if eligibility, statement of account, certificate of approval/agreement from the employer, official receipts, etc.

   14. Do we need to scan the CF1 and CF2?

   Yes. Required details from the CF1 and CF2 shall also be encoded in the Bizbox Portal.

   15. What is the required document format?

   In compliance with PhilHealth standards, only documents in PDF/A format will be accepted.

   16. What are the hardware requirements?

   Any working PC with an internet connection and a scanner for the uploading of documents.

   17. What are the payment terms?

   At the end of each month, we will send your facility’s statement of account. This includes the bill for all the successfully processed claims of your facility for the entire month.

   18. Can the portal be accessed by two or more users simultaneously?

   Multiple users can access the Bizbox Portal all at the same time.

   19. We want Bizbox to process our claims. What will we have to do?

   Fill out the HITP engagement form and send them to If you are still uncertain, we will be happy to send you a complete proposal. Kindly call any of the Bizbox hotlines for assistance.

   20. We have already sent our HITP engagement forms. What shall we do next?

   Upon your submission of the HITP engagement forms, the accomplished forms will be forwarded to PhilHealth for further processing. This usually takes 10-15 working days. PhilHealth will then provide PMCC codes that will grant you access to Bizbox eClaims Portal. We will send you your facility’s Secret Access Code. Wait for a follow up call from Mr. Dominador Garcia, Bizbox Project Manager.

Liza B. Dajuela

Senior Marketing Manager

+63 917 594 9328

Jay-pee B. Lejarde

Account Manager

+63 917 701 9373

Cristina Abantao

Account Manager

+63 917837 4644

Cherry C. Aggabao

Account Manager

+63 917 881 6038

Michelle R. Torres

Account Manager

+63 917 303 2731

Lloyd R. Pastrana

Account Manager

+63 917 861 6889

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