PHIC Accredited

Bizbox is one of the few PhilHealth accredited Health Information Technology Providers (HITP) in the Philippines that covers ‘PhilHealth Online Verification of Illegibilty’ and both the S-claims and E-claims submission system of PhilHealth. It reduces the processing time, resulting in a faster remittance to the health facility, and saving you from the long process of claiming PhilHealth benefits.

SMS Notification for Doctors

The doctor will receive a text message containing the patient’s profile including the name and the initial diagnosis before the actual encounter, giving the doctor a quick preview of the patient’s concerns. If the patient wants to cancel the appointment, the doctor will be notified through SMS.

Balance Detection for Patients with Unsettled Accounts

An alert feature that will notify the user and enable the doctors to check their patients’ balances. This helps in keeping records of transactions and helps avoid unsettled balancing. This will monitor the patients’ financial records prior to re-admission. This feature focuses on monitoring and notifying unpaid transactions.

Inventory Stock on Hand Display

Medical centers won't be having inventory problems anymore with the help of this feature. The 'Inventory Stock on Hand Display' will aid the staff in monitoring their medicinal supplies. This enables the staff to monitor the facility’s inventory balance real time.

Patient Kiosk

This is touchscreen monitor that serves as a convenient tool for the patients. It displays an active list of doctors, availability of rooms in the hospital, and the updated patient’s statement of account for a faster way of processing transactions. This feature also gives an organized list of health-benefit providers which will allow patients to track their medical and billing records.

Flexible Pricing and Discount Schemes

Each hospital has different room classifications namely the ward, semi-private, private, suite, and deluxe. There are also discount schemes like Seniors Citizen, Persons With Disabilities (PWD), Stock, and Employee’s discounts. These schemes are called ‘Socialize Pricing Schemes,’ and each scheme has different set of prices. In Bizbox’s HIS, you can create and design your own pricing and discount schemes, giving you the advantage of having a flexible pricing.

Barcode System

HIS’ Barcode System is a useful tool to manage your patients and your inventory at the same time. This system will give identification to patients through codes, allowing the user to retrieve the patient’s profile faster and making transactions easier for the patient and the management. This feature is not limited to patients alone. The codes that will be provided can also be used for items, giving the user an overview of their inventory.

Duplicate Detection

This is a search feature of the HIS, which allows users to verify multiple entries with similar information. This feature will allow the user to differentiate the entries and will show the details compactly. This can also track the patient’s health record according to the user’s convenience. It will prompt the user if the entries with exact same details are being registered.