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Lessen your workload as you manage your schedules, view patient information, and deliver medical
results on-cloud with QMeUp.

Simplifying your queueing experience

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Some of our clients

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What is QMeUp?

QMeUp is a queue management solution developed to improve the queuing experience in clinics and hospitals. Its main goal is to help facilities and patients organize queues online. This solution is mainly for the patient’s benefits and comfort. QMU notifies the patients regarding their appointments. You can also schedule a friend or a family member using QMeUp in case they don't have an account. You have been given the gift of time, don’t waste it on falling in line and waiting.

Smart and hassle-free queueing

Web-based queueing and clinical management application

Other key advantages..


Optimize patient queuing

An online queue management system, appointment system, and cloud-based medical files integrated into one software solution.

Reduce facility costs

You won't have to spend a large amount of money on hardware, licenses, and website maintenance.

Enhance customer experience

QMeUp comes with web-based software that will help to eliminate physical lines and reduce your patients' waiting time.

Your health is important, so is your time!

Send us an email so we can schedule a demo with you.

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